The EDDIE TURNER roadshow rolled into town on Tuesday,complete with historic videos of the early days of Llandegfedd, a potted history of his illustrious pike fishing career, and a glimpse of what he's been catching in the last few years. There were certainly some VERY big surprises there, all of which will probably be revealed in his new book Mega Pike-The Return, which will be available at the PAC conference this September.
Despite a few technical hitches (and a suspect gentlemens dvd!!!)the evening was a highly entertaining event enjoyed by everyone present (especially hecklers corner!)
"Come on you b@stid, feckin work!!!!!!!"

Hecklers Corner

Thanks again to Mk 2 Angling and The Tackle Box for generously donating raffle prizes.

Thats it for the guest speakers until September now, I've already got a couple of speakers lined up for the next pike season (all will be revealed at a later date).
Over the summer months we will still be having the meetings, but they will much more an informal affair.
Next month, May 1st, we're going to do a pike based quiz, with prizes, and just have a general chat with you all about the direction you would like to see the region going in the future and any ideas you may have for future meetings. Also we'll have more info about the fish-in thats penciled in for early May.