January Meeting : Dennis Smith

The Ultimate Predator : Great White Shark

 To start the new year off with a bang we have probably one of the most underrated anglers I have had the pleasure of meeting, Dennis Smith, and his recollections of fishing for the apex predator on Planet Earth, The Great White Shark
 Dennis has been fishing for these sharks for over ten years now and has caught specimens on rod and line up to 3500lb!!, and he will be showing us his video footage of these amazing creatures up close and personal.
Dennis with a GT from the Xmas Islands

 The meeting is on Tuesday 3rd Jan at the Papermakers from 7pm onwards
Members £3.00 / Non members £4.00
Raffle and buffet......

See you there


December Meeting : Phil Wakeford

 This months speaker is Big Phil Wakeford,PAC ex president, water authority scientist, and captor of lots of BIG pike......
 The meeting will kick off at 7pm at the Papermakers as usual, with Phil starting at around 8pm, there will of course be the usual resplendant Xmas buffet and Xmas raffle......

  Members £3 /Non members £4


November Meeting : Steve Younger

For your delectation, and amusement this month (believe me when I say this guy is funny) we have Steve Younger and his hilarious tales of his travels to far flung corners of the globe in pursuit of a large array of fearsome toothy predators

 The meeting will be on Tuesday 2nd November at the Papermakers Arms, 7.00 pm onwards with Steve starting around 8.00pm
 Usual buffet and Raffle
Members £3.00 / Non memebers £4.00



To kick the pike season of in style this Winter, we are lucky to have Stephen Harper visiting the region to give his talk on "A History of Broadland Pike"

Stephen is a leading authority on all things relating to pike and pike angling in Broadland, as well as being an accomplised author and angling artist. Stephen has penned many a desirable tome, including the highly sought after Broadland Pike, as well as it's follow up The Pike of Broadland, and just recently, Dream Pike, of which he will have copies of for sale on Tuesday.
Steve's artwork can be seen on the covers of most of the influential pike and specialist angling literature of late......

 The meeting will be on Tuesday the 5th of October at The Papermakers Arms as usual.....we'll meet from 7pm onwards with Steve starting his excellent talk around 8pm.
 Raffle and Buffet as normal................... all welcome
Members £3/ Non members £4



As the traditional Pike season comes to an end, and to see us out in style, I have managed, with much persuading, to procure the services of the one and only Mr Dave Horton.
 Dave is one of the most prolific and successful pikers in the UK, as well as being the author of the now sought after tome " Ultimate Pike". Daves' presentation aptly named "Brace Yourself" will highlight Daves propensity to catch vast numbers of huge pike, and the drive that manifests itslf in those epic captures........this is one talk you REALLY do not want to miss!

The meeting is on Tuesday 6th April at the Papermakers Arms, and we will be meeting around 7 for an 8 oclock start, get there early as I think this will be a busy one

Usual buffet and raffle
 Members £3.00 / Non members £4.00



This month we welcome lure and zander afficianado Mark Phillips who will be coming to the region with his associate Neil Strain to give a presentation on all things predatory

 The meeting is on Tuesday 2nd March at The Papermakers Arms starting at around 7pm, with Mark kicking off around 8ish
 The agenda for the evening will go along these lines

· Spring lure fishing for pike – MP (20 minutes)

· Trolling tactics for rivers – MP (40 minutes)

· Break for the usual buffet and raffle

· Zander on lures – MP (30 minutes)
· Fishing in Canada – NS (30 minutes)
· Questions – MP/NS (15 minutes)

 Members £3.00 / Non Members £4.00

Eric Edwards

Another big turn out of the Thames gateway faithful saw Eric deliver an excellent presentation on Big Water piking. followed by his Top 10 most memorable fish...and what fish they were!!
 Due to the distance Eric had to travel, we put him up for the night and the following day we had a days fishing at the Ski Lake. where Eric outfished me 3 fish to nil!

Not the biggest of fish, but a welcome sight on a day when the fishing was slow



Februarys meeting is on Tuesday the 2nd Feb at the Papermakers Arms
This month we have the pleasure of welcoming Eric Edwards to the Thames Gateway

Eric has caught the biggest brace of pike ever taken by a UK angler, fish of 41lb and 37lb from Blithfield res, and will be presenting his talk on Big Water Piking.
I have heard nothing but praise for Erics' talk from other RO's, so this is a do not miss evening!

We will be meeting from 7pm onwards with Eric starting around 8pm, and of course we will have the raffle and buffet, and hopefully the Eddie Turner Pike Tackle stand as well

Members £3/Non Members £4