Tim Kelly

An excellent talk by Tim last night...who doesen't want to go to the Lake of the Woods Muskie fishing after that presentation?? Tims entusiam for his lure fishing was amplely demonstrated in the talk, and I would recommend this talk to any of the other regions who are looking for something a bit different from the normal pike related shows.

Tim entertaining the troops

The Xmas bumper raffle went down well thanks to the continued support of our friendly local tackle shops and friends
Thanks to:-

Gary and Kevin Peet at the Tackle Box
Mark and Mark at MK 2 Angling
Tony at Anglers Rest
Ian at Anglers Base
Chris Leibbrandt at salmolureshop.co.uk

and thanks to all our members for their continued patronage of the region

Happy Xmas and festive tight lines


December Meeting : Tim Kelly

Is it December again already??...it only seems a couple of weeks ago that I was bothering our friendly local tackle dealers to kindly donate some prizes for our Xmas raffle...and here I am doing it all again!

Our main attraction this month is Mr Tim Kelly, who will be sharing his adventures of catching Ol' Esox's American cousin, the Muskie.
As usual we'll be meeting from 7 o/c onwards at the Papermakers, with Tim starting around 8......and then during the break for grub...

*************BUMPER XMAS RAFFLE*************

Hope to see you all there.....

Members £3.00 : Non members £4.00

Dennis Moules

An excellent talk by Dennis last month, and a bumper turn out from the members (standing room only)
Thanks to Dennis and to Bill Hancock and Colin Brett for bringing the EddieTurner range of specialist pike tackle for our perusement.





November meeting : Dennis Moules : 40 Years of Fenland Piking

For the meeting this month on Tuesday 4th November, we have the man who has forgotten more about pike fishing in the Fens than most of us will ever know...

Dennis Moules

Dennis is a lifelong Fenland angler, as well as being the author of the seminal work "The Fenland Thirties", and a stalwart of the PAC for many years.
If you've ever considered fishing in the Fens, then this is the talk you need to come and see.
We'll be meeting at The Papermakers Arms from 7pm onwards and Dennis will start the precedings at around 8 o/clock
There will of course be the usual raffle and more than adequete buffet, and all for the credit crunching price of £3 for PAC members and £4 for non members

We also hope to have Eddie Turner and Bill Hancock with a selection of their Eddie Turner Specialist Pike Tackle, including the rod of the moment , the 4 piece ET sneaker, which accounted for a few Cats and Zander on our recent foreign expedition.



October Meeting : Ian Welch

Visiting the region this month, we have Ian Welch. Ian, a fishery scientist and past fishery manager of Cemex angling, Ian is well known for his columns in the weekly angling journals, and his captures of specimen fish of all species. For this meeting at The Papermakers Arms on Tuesday 7th October, Ian will be recounting some of his trips to Thailand in search of Mekong Catfish and the ever elusive Giant Freshwater Stingray, believed to be the largest freshwater fish on the planet.
We will meet at 7ish for the speaker to start at 8 o/c.
Members £3.00/Non Members £4.00 : Usual raffle and buffet (with lots of bangers and chips this month)


Graham Slater : September 2nd

A truly inspiring talk from Graham, delivered in his own inimitable no nonsense style. We were taken on a journey from the humble drains and pits of Lincolnshire, to mighty Scottish and Irish Loughs and onto the trout reservoirs, with the culmination being his phenominal last seasons catches, taking in the learning processeses along the way.
An excellent talk that will be one of the highlights of this months PAC Conference at Stoneleigh Park.....
The Alan Partridge of Piking doing his thang!!

A top presentation and well recommended..Thanks Graham

And don't worry chaps....there will be plenty of sausages and chips at next months meeting!!!


September Meeting

With the traditional pike fishing season only a few weeks away now, next week will see the beginning of the guest speaker meetings for this coming winter at the Thames Gateway region.
The meeting will be on Tuesday 2nd September at the Papermakers Arms nr Dartford, and we’ll be meeting from 7 pm onwards, with the speaker starting at 8 o’clock.
For your delectation this coming month, we have the newly crowned “pike angler of the year”,

Mr Graham Slater.

Graham is one of pike fishing’s quieter exponents of the fine art, who has enjoyed some phenomenal catches over the years, and over 30 years fishing in all corners of the British Isles has shaped the way Graham thinks, and goes about his fishing. His presentation will detail his experiences along his journey of catching our toothy adversary, along with last season’s adventures which resulted in his most successful season ever.
As usual we will have the buffet and raffle.

Members £2.50, non members £3.50

See you on the 2nd

Steve and John


Winter Guest Speaker Itinery

I've almost completed the line up for our upcoming season of guest speakers, with a couple of loose ends to tie up, so for now, here is the provisional list for your winters entertainment

3rd September 2008 : Graham Slater

PAC Pike Angler of the Year Graham will be revealing how he goes about the vastly varying facets of his pike fishing. This could be his warm up gig, before he faces the masses as a speaker at this years Conference at Stoneleigh.
7th October 2008 : Ian Welch

Angling times coloumist, Fox consultant, and past fishery manger of CEMEX angling, Ian is to reveal all about his trips to the far flung corners of the globe in pursuit of the biggest freshwater fish that swim....Mekong Catfish and Giant Freshwater Stingrays, and much more!!
4th November 2008 : Dennis Moules

The oracle of all things regarding Fenland Angling, author and lifetime Fenland pike angler Dennis will regale us all with tales of his "40 years of Fenland Angling" Now including "special guests" Eddie Turner and Bill Hancock with their range of tackle and other goodies!
2nd December 2008 : Tim Kelly

Avid lure angler Tim will be availing us with his quest for the hard fighting Muskie in the good ol' US of A.
6th January 2009 : Phil Cheriton and Marc Barnett (The Irish Sessions pt2)

I know this is one that a lot of you will be waiting to see, after their excellent preliminarly talk earlier this year. This time Phil and Marc will be telling of their phenominal catches from various places around the Emerald Isle in the Winter.

3rd February 2008 : John Milford

Former founder member of the Dartford PAC region, John "Plugger O'Toole" Milford, returns to his old stomping ground from "opp north" to impart his vast and encyclopedic knowledge of lures and lure fishing in his own inimitable style.

3rd March 2008 : Colin Brett

Colin joins us in March covering his Zander fishing and Sturgeon fishing in British Colombia. Colin is the the dashing bearded gentleman on the right!

April 2009 : T.B.C (watch this space!!!)


Summer Special June Meeting " Catfish"

Junes' meeting will be at the Papermakers on Tuesday 3rd June.

With the warmer weather threatening to make an appearance, no doubt a few of you are turning your attentions to the more traditional summer species,
and so to that end, and with a predator theme, for this months meeting I have persuaded Simon Clarke to come and impart his vast knowledge about catfish upon us. Simon is the Secretary of the Catfish Conservation Group, as well as running Catfish Pro, a highly successful internet company selling all things catfish related.
Simon has 20 years experience fishing for cats all over the UK and Europe and has published the CCG catfish waters guide, and his new book containing all you need to know about cats and catting.

As usual we be meeting at 7.15-7.30 for an 8pm start, no doubt Simon will be bringing a selection of stuff for you to peruse at your leisure, and we will of course be having the buffet and raffle......See you there Cat fans


May Meeting "Pike Quiz"

The winners of the quiz receiving their hard fought spoils from Mr Synnuck

1st Prize : A days piking on the Ski Lake : Paul Sharman

2nd Prize : £30 tackle voucher : Bill Palmer
3rd Prize : £20 tackle voucher : Gary "spawney git" Hayes

Thanks and well done to all who participated


Spanish Catfish Trip

John has arranged a trip to the Mighty River Ebro in Spain, for a long weekends catfishing. A few of the chaps have expressed an interest in sampling the delights of getting slimed and sunburnt, so nows your chance!
The trip will be from Friday 3rd-Monday 6th October 2008.
We will be flying from Stansted to Reus airport at 06.10am on the Friday and returning on the 22.45pm flight on the Monday night.
This gives us 3 full days fishing. The fishing will be done from a boat, with one of the local guides, using the full array of predator tactics (none of this pellet nonsense!) Accomodation will be self catering apartments within close proximity to the river and boats.The whole weekend inc flights, fishing/tackle/bait, accomodation/food and hire cars will cost around £500 per person. There are 10 places, 7 of which have already been secured, if you would like to catch fish like the one pictured then contact either John or myself, or bring a deposit of £150 and your passport (for flight and licence info) to the next meeting to secure a place.

Come and be a part of RA19's first foreign expedition, you won't regret it!

May Meeting

Mays meeting will be on Tuesday 6th May at the Papermakers Arms
For this month I have put a pike based quiz together for your delectation, this can be done in teams of two or on your own if you wish.
For the most pike knowledgeable team or individual, the first prize will be a days pike angling at the now infamous Ski Lake....home of very big pike. This days angling will be in the company of Mr John Synnuck.
For the runners up, there will be prizes of tackle....

We'll meet at 7.15-7.30 for an 8 o/c start

Members £2.50 : Non members £3.50....inc resplendant buffet!


End of Season Fish In : Darenth Big Lake

Checking the weather forecast for the couple of days previous to our fish in on the 30th March at Darenth Big Lake, I was convinced only the hardiest of souls would make an appearance, as the forecast was for 30mph winds and torrential rain. So, I was happily surprised when I arrived at the lake Sunday to find a couple of the lads already waiting by the gate, and the further appearance of another 20 or so of the Thames Gateway pikers. With the lads chomping at the bit we drew for swims and off we wandered to do battle with the Big Lakes head of resident toothy critters.
First cast of the day produced a 5lb jack for yours truly, and although a bit battle scarred from obvious spawning activity, it was a welcome sight none the less.
The expected flurry of activity from the dawn feeding spell never materialised and the next fish was landed by Tony Skeet at around 11a.m., a nice double of 13 3/4lb. Next in on the action was one of our guests from RA 70, Mark Skinner, opening his account with a 11lb 15 oz fish, quickly followed by Pete Fish capturing a plump 12 1/2 lber. Things quietend down for a few hours, than a flurry of activity around Paul Sharman and Tony Skeets' swim saw the pair finish the day with a tally of 9 fish between them including 4 doubles up to just under 15lb.

Top Left and Bottom Left : Tony Skeet : 13 3/4lb & 14 3/4lb
Top Right : Paul Sharman : 11lb 12oz
Bottom Middle : Mark Skinner : 11lb 15oz
Bottom Right : Pete Fish : 12lb 8oz

Michael Fish must have been on forecasting duty that day, as the predicated inclement weather never showed its face , and by mid afternoon.......the sun even came out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to all the guys that showed up and supported the region, and thanks again to Warren for allowing us access to the lake for the day, no doubt some of us will be back this winter to take on the bigger pike than are known to inhabit the lake.

April Meeting

Aprils meeting was a chance for the members of the Thames Gateway region to put their questions to our panel of piking experts.
The plethora of experience contained within the members of the panel was put under scrutiny for a couple of hours with a whole range of subjects being covered from red letter days to moon phases and a couple of other subjects that are best left between the members and not broadcast on a public website ( you little tinkers you!!)

After the beer and fag break, and trying to prise Mike Kelly away from the buffet...

....we continued precedings with a tackle bring and buy sale, where the barter ethic was in full swing and some of us came home with more stuff than we turned up with!!( I just had to have that big wiggly lure!!!)

This was the last of the speaker meetings for the winter, for the next few months we will still be meeting up for a social and a beer, no doubt to regale each other with tales of catfish and the such like.........see you on the first Tuesday of each month.



Would all visitors to this site please take two minutes to sign the online petition to save the Norfolk Broads, a mecca for pike anglers past and present....Thanks

Click on the link in the link list on the left hand side of this blog


April Meeting and Fish In News

This months meeting will be on Tuesday 1st April at the Papermakers as usual
We haven't got a speaker this month, so I thought it would be a good idea to have a two part meeting this month.
The first half will be in the form of a Piking Panel, similar to the format that they use at the PAC conference. Three of our most experienced and successful pikers will be on hand for you to quiz in whatever way you see fit on all subjects pikey!
Our experts for the evening will be

So if there's anything you'd like to know, ranging from how to make a trace, to how Dave manages to catch huge pike from a bucket of water! then this is your chance!

The second half of the evening after the food and beer and fag break will be a Bring and Buy sale
If you have any tackle that is surplus to requirements, then bring it along and someone may wish to take it off you hands for a paltry sum

7.30 onwards. Members £2.50 Non Members £3.50.....buffet included!

END OF SEASON FISH IN at Darenth Big Lake : Sunday 30th March


The fish in will start at 7am, so if you can arrive around 6.30ish to get the money and draw for the walk off sorted that would be good.
Directions to the lake can be found here


We will meet in the fenced compound on the left as you drive into the lake complex
The day will cost £10 per angler (PAC members get a 50% subsidy paid for from the regions funds)

See you Sunday


Emerald Isle Extravaganza

A superb talk tonight by Phil and Mark. Phils claims of nervousness on his first ever talk didn't show at all as he delivered an excellent presentation on his and Marks many successful trips to Ireland. Phils enthusiasm for the virginal fishing that he and Mark, along with "The Pikers", Roy and George have experienced, shone through in every aspect of his talk tonight...along with some fantastic bags of fish, some cracking photos, and a few tall tales from the locals.....Phil left everyone tonight waiting in eager anticipation for the second part of his talk.." The Winter Sessions"...to be aired later on this year...Well done mate, excellent job all round


***End of Season Fish In : Big Lake, Darenth***

The end of season fish in has been confirmed for Sunday 30th March at the Big Lake on the Darenth complex.
The lakes owner, Warren Farrance, has given us exclusive access to fish this prolific water. The price will be £10 for the day. If you would like to fish then let me know on the regions e mail address which is


All details of the venue can be found here




The new GALLERY is at last up and running.All the pictures are much bigger as to do justice to all those cracking fish that you've all been catching.
Just click on the word "GALLERY" in the "link list" in the left hand column of the blog, and Roberts your fathers brother!!
So send those piccies in of your latest catches or anything predator themed that you would like to see up there!


March's Meeting : Irish Special

This months meeting see's our own region members, "Pikey" Phil Cheriton and Mark Barnett of MK2 Angling, presenting their first ever talk on their numerous and very successful trips to the Emerald Isle.
Because of their vast experience of fishing all types of waters in Ireland, this is to be the first of two talks, this one will be concentrating on their Springtime trips, the second, which will hopefully be aired later in the year, will concentrate on the Winter sessions. Both guys have been fishing in Ireland for over 20 years, and mostly in the company of Irish piking legends George Higgins and Roy Smythe, so expect lots of amusing tales, lots of big fish, and even a few secrets may get divulged!!

Come along and support our home grown Kentish talent on the 4th March at The Papermakers Arms........7.15-7.30 for a 8.00 pm start

Members £2.50 : Non members £3.50 Usual buffet and raffle


Jason Davies

Februarys meeting saw us graced with the presence of Jason Davies who recounted his tale of his "week in paradise" to us in his own inimitable laid back style.
Jesus, can that chap catch big pike, not only where we treated to the eight 35lb+ pike he caught in his utopian week, but images of at least another dozen thirties were flashed onto the screen for our delectation

Thanks to Jason for travelling down from Norfolk to entertain us, and to MK2 Angling and The Anglers Rest for the raffle prizes...........sorry this months updates a bit late but what with one thing and another (mainly spending days blanking at Chew)things have been a bit hectic.



Februarys' meeting will be held on Tuesday 5th at the Papermakers Arms, and for your delight this month we have an insight into probably the most historic pike captures for many a year, in not ever!
Norfolks very own piking policeman, Mr Jason Davis will be revealing the story behind his incredible capture of eight 35lb+ pike in one week, from a top secret, very exclusive fishery.
To hear Jason's account of his "Week in Paradise", come along to the meeting on the 5th for 7.15-7.30, and Jason will start his presentation at around 8.00pm.

Members £2.50 : Non members £3.50


Thames Gateway see in the New Year with Nev

Tuesday 8th Jan saw the first meeting of 2008 for the Thames Gateway Region.
Flushed with the success of the xmas fish in, nigh on 40 pikers crowded into the Papermakers to hear the musings of one of pikings most famous participents (and closet Essexphobic) Mr Neville Fickling. Nev kept the troops highly entertained with his slideshow recounting the last few years of his angling career, and his unsucessful quest for another 30lb fish.........only just though!!!!
After a beer break, the drawing of the raffle, and the buffet being devoured quicker than if a plague of locusts had settled on it, Nev took a Q&A session to round off the evening

A laid back Mr Fickling being put under the spotlight

Thanks to The Tackle Box, MK2 Angling and The Anglers Rest for the raffle prizes