Decembers meeting will be held on the 4t December at our usual venue.
For your delectation this festive month we have


visiting our region. James is a prolific catcher of large trout reservoir pike and in doing so has honed his trolling techniques in the pursuit of the reservoir dwelling denizens of the deep.
So, if you are thinking of fishing any of the trout reservoirs this season or just need a few pointers regarding your trolling tecniques, then James is the man to come and talk to......

In the words of the great Noddy Holder...


And to this end that can only mean one thing


I have been trawling the local friendly tackle shops, convincing their proprietors to donate a few trinkets for our Xmas raffle..............and donate they have!!!! I have enough stuff to start my own tackle shop now, I have been given Rods, Reels, pike tube, livo tube, lure carryall, trace wallet, lure box, lures, and more assorted bits of tackle and clothing than any self respecting piker could want...plus a copy of the PAC30 book, and other bits and pieces.
All of these have been kindly donated by the following splendid chaps

Gary and Kevin at The Tackle Box in Dartford

Ian at Anglers Base in Penge

Mark and Mark at Mark 2 Angling in Crayford

Andy at The Friendly Fisherman in Tunbridge Wells
John at The Anglers Rest in Welling

So come along to the Thames Gateways Xmas Extravaganza on the 4th and be regaled by James and have a chance of winning lots of splendid stuff in the raffle.


November Meeting

Ken Crow addressed the members of the Gateway region this month with a very interesting and insightful look into the role of the fishery manager, and the successful running of a good, consistant, winter pike fishery. It was obvious from his presentation that Ken cares deeply about his pike and goes to great lengths to conserve his fisheries longevity.
As usual the buffet was consumed with relish, and I actually managed to snaffle the odd sarnie this month!
This months raffle prizes were kindly donated by Mk2 Angling in Crayford and by The Anglers Rest in Welling...Cheers guys