Winter Guest Speaker Itinery

I've almost completed the line up for our upcoming season of guest speakers, with a couple of loose ends to tie up, so for now, here is the provisional list for your winters entertainment

3rd September 2008 : Graham Slater

PAC Pike Angler of the Year Graham will be revealing how he goes about the vastly varying facets of his pike fishing. This could be his warm up gig, before he faces the masses as a speaker at this years Conference at Stoneleigh.
7th October 2008 : Ian Welch

Angling times coloumist, Fox consultant, and past fishery manger of CEMEX angling, Ian is to reveal all about his trips to the far flung corners of the globe in pursuit of the biggest freshwater fish that swim....Mekong Catfish and Giant Freshwater Stingrays, and much more!!
4th November 2008 : Dennis Moules

The oracle of all things regarding Fenland Angling, author and lifetime Fenland pike angler Dennis will regale us all with tales of his "40 years of Fenland Angling" Now including "special guests" Eddie Turner and Bill Hancock with their range of tackle and other goodies!
2nd December 2008 : Tim Kelly

Avid lure angler Tim will be availing us with his quest for the hard fighting Muskie in the good ol' US of A.
6th January 2009 : Phil Cheriton and Marc Barnett (The Irish Sessions pt2)

I know this is one that a lot of you will be waiting to see, after their excellent preliminarly talk earlier this year. This time Phil and Marc will be telling of their phenominal catches from various places around the Emerald Isle in the Winter.

3rd February 2008 : John Milford

Former founder member of the Dartford PAC region, John "Plugger O'Toole" Milford, returns to his old stomping ground from "opp north" to impart his vast and encyclopedic knowledge of lures and lure fishing in his own inimitable style.

3rd March 2008 : Colin Brett

Colin joins us in March covering his Zander fishing and Sturgeon fishing in British Colombia. Colin is the the dashing bearded gentleman on the right!

April 2009 : T.B.C (watch this space!!!)